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Infos about the WBF Photo Contest with € 2.400 money prizes and products

Photo Award 2019

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WB Academy Plan 2019 published

The New Year has just begun and we are full of energy to work on the programs for the 22nd World Bodypainting Festival from July 7th to 13th 2019. Once again we have planned a huge workshop and masterclass program within the 4 days before the main days July 7th - 10th . The WB Academy workshop programs are now ready for you. You can learn from the world's best! Bookings are open either individually or with the 4 days WB-Academy Pass including the entrance to all side events and the main days.

WB Academy news2019

Overview Workshop programs

First program highlights on the main days

The many international artists are attracting every year thousands of visitors with ther mindblowing work. The venue Goethepark surrounded by the state theatre and galleries such as the art house are the perfect scenery for the artform. The perfect sound from morning till after midnight is provided by national and international bands and dj's. We are able to present you just before the christmas holidays the first program highlights for the #wbfestival2019

Main Stage Music Highlights:

  • 11 July Russkaja | Erwin & Edwin and more to be announced
  • 12 July Conchita & Band and more to be announced
  • 13 July Leftboy and more to be announced

The WBF Team wishes you a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a Happy New Year!

WBF2019 Lineup program 

Tickets from € 15

Results of the World Bodypainting Photo Awards 2018

This festival year now finds the worthy finale with the awarding of the best photos of the year. Our judges rated almost 1,000 photos in the new categories "Best Bodypainting Photo" and "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo". The winners get cash prizes as well as a custom made World Award Trophy. We are very happy to present you now the new winners of the World Bodypainting PHOTO Award 2018.

Peter Ziegler from Germany in the category "Best Bodypainting Photo"

128 Photo Peter Ziegler

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Themes for the competitions announced

Its almost November and the time to announce the themes for the next years World Bodypainting Festival in 2019. We are still busy with the artist guidelines but you can see the first details under the artist information. Registrations are open!

  • Thursday and Friday: "Galactic Zoo"
  • Saturday, Final day: "Clear Mind - Clean Planet"

Specific for some categories:

  • Installation Art Award  No theme
  • Creative Make-up Award "Fashion Religion”
  • Purple Brush Award "Holly Glam
  • WBF Make-up Battle: Announced on stage

 Artist Page

★★★ Clear Mind - Clean Planet ★★★
Work Vilija Vitkute
This stunning image was created by artist and director Vilija Vitkutė and her team. Photographer Vanessa Fernandes

Artist Booklet 2019

We have especially for artists a brochure published. This  WBF Booklet 2019 pdf_button (5.3mb) includes general information (by Sept. 2018) as well as all competition categories. Please note, these are not the guidelines or a replacement to reading the full artist information ;)


WBF2019 ArtistBooklet News

Registrations for artists 2019 open!

We are very happy to release the first details for the 22nd issue of the World Bodypainting Festivals taking place from July 7th - 13th,  2019 in Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA.

Again we are able to provide a lot of new programs and opportunities for participants and visitors. We are thrilled to have the registration for artists in all categories already open. Final details in the guidelines are currently under review, but we will release soon the offical artist information and guidelines.

The Host City Klagenfurt is offering with its art galleries and museums a variety of opportunities to display your art. If you are interested, contact us with your portfolio and ideas. WBF Partners are for example the Museum Of Modern Art, the City Gallery and Alpe Adria Gallery, the BV Gallery of Fine Arts and some more coming up.


Photo Ulf Scherling Artist Agniska Glinska
Photo Ulf Scherling, Artist Agnieska Glinska

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