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World Bodypainting Festival 2019 - Celebrating Visual Culture & Music

deutschland_kl WBF 2019, Edition #22 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee pdf_button
deutschland_kl WBF 2019 erste Musikhighlights  pdf_button new
english_kl WBF 2019 - Celebrating Visual Culture & Music  pdf_button new
frankreich kl WBF 2019 - Édition #22  pdf_buttonnew


deutschland_kl WBF 2018 - das Kunst und Musik Festival in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee pdf_button
deutschland_kl Kunst und Kulturpartner in der Festivalwoche pdf_button
deutschland_kl Kulinarik & Familien am WBF pdf_button

english_kl WBF 2018 pdf_button
english_kl Art & Cultural Partners during the festival week pdf_button
english_kl New convention program: The Art and Commerce of Makeup presented by The Powder Group pdf_button

italien kl WBF 2018 - Celebrando Cultura Visuale & Musica pdf_button
russland kl Отчет со Всемирного Бодиарт Фестиваля  pdf_button 

 Results 2018

pdf_button World Award, Brush/Sponge, Finals, Sunday
pdf_button World Award, Brush/Sponge, Pre Selection Friday
pdf_button World Award, Airbrush, Finals, Sunday
pdf_button World Award, Airbrush, Pre Selection  Saturday
pdf_button World Award, Special Effects Bodypainting, Finals, Sunday  
pdf_button World Award, Team Category
pdf_button World Award, Facepainting
pdf_button World Award, Installation Art
pdf_button Special Effects Make-up Award
pdf_button Special Award, Creative Make-up 
pdf_button Special Award, WBF Make-up Battle 
pdf_button Special Award, Purple Brush Award
pdf_button Amateur Award, Open Category
pdf_button Amateur Award, Brush/Sponge 


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