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[by Alex Barendregt ]

Bodypainting is not simply painting a body,
Bodypainting is to replant the body into an entire scenery.
Create a body scene with choreography and music.

Bodypainting is more - the World Bodypainting Festival is more!

"WBF sound.institute" is the community music project that developed through the World Bodypainting Festival. Every year the festival brings together international musicians, specialists in electronic music and technicians from many different countries and cultures. It is my goal to develop the music scene like the community of bodypainters, photographers and models that has already existed for years. The creative thoughts of both groups can develop many new ideas.


The following activities will be organized and produced under the title "WBF sound.institute":
  • Radio Bodypaint City

Radio Bodypaint City is going to be Live Radio from World Bodypainting Festival. A group of students got together to develop a radio station in and about the festival for the first time in 2009

  • WBF sound.lounge and side events during the festival week

The WBF sound.lounge will be alive from morning till late night in the Lake's Bar in Pörtschach, one of the WBF side event locations. Newcomer DJ's will meet up with experienced electronic music artists. The art of bodypainting will be present with art exhibitions, bodypainting action, photo shoots and much more during the festival week.

The "Body Circus" is also one of the biggest event highlights in the festival week. Music, shows and costumes in the unique location.

  • WBF sound.institute.events  in the "Bodypaint City" on the festival main days

Concerts, DJ sessions and show acts were always part of the World Bodypainting Festival. These activities will now be alive on 3 areas on the festival grounds. All these activities will run under the "WBF sound.institute" header.

Line up


  • DJ Academy

As in the fields of body and facepainting, special effects and make up we also want to give the opportunity for education in the electronic music field. During the festival week we have international DJ's present who will give input and opportunities to interested people.
The WBF Academy will include some activities in that area.

  • Workshops for teenagers with international MC's

For the first time we will organize workshops for youths as an active program at the World Bodypainting Festival.
This will happen in the lounge in Sector B of the "Bodypaint City"
Further details can be found later in the main program

  • Booking possibility for other event organizers, pubs and clubs.

Music band and DJ's from Austria, many European countries and also from overseas
are present at the festival. Many come here just for the festival. Because it is mainly impossible to bring over musicans for smaller events, the WBF sound.institute will give the opportunity to arrange bookings with groups or single musicians. This section is open for pubs, bars, discos or event organisers. We offer the option to get free access to our community. A list of the music program can be found in the main program or soon as biographies and playlists under the menu "WBF sound.institute".


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