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A Fusion of Bodies & Beats is celebrated during the World Bodypainting Festival week. We are very happy to offer also in this year a fantastic and very selective music program to our guests in Bodypaint City in particular during the 3 main days. Again international and national acts on main and side stages. are performing from morning till late in the genres of raggae, hip hop, dancehall, pop, country as well as a selective DJ line up with variouse styles.



Line-Up WBF Main Days: July 11 - 13, 2019


  • Leftboy

Leftboy 13. Jul | 22:30

The Austrian rapper and singer is one of the most popular musicians in Austria and has produced several successful hits like “Get It Right” and “Jack Sparrow”. Details Saturday


  • Conchita & Band

Conchita & Band 12. Jul. | 22:00

Conchita, the artistic character of Austrian artist Tom Neuwirth, became famous when winning the Eurovision Song Contest  with the hit single “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Details Friday


  • Russkaja

Russkaja 11. Jul. | 22:00

Founded in 2005 Russkaja masters to combine Russian sounds with rock and violin sounds. Details Thursday


  • Erwin & Edwin

Erwin & Edwin 11. Jul. | 18:30

The Viennese band Erwin & Edwin combines electro, pop and rap sounds which upgrade every party. Details Thursday


  • Stamping Feet

Stamping Feet 12. Jul. | 19:00

The trio from Berlin surprises the audience every time with their unique show and extravagant melodies for which they make use of barrels or trash cans. Details Friday


  • TMCA - Remember Disco

TMCA - Remember Disco 13. Jul | 18:20

TMCA stands for the initials of the band members Tesiree, Marlin, Chris and Anna – or also to an hommage to the DISCO hits of the past, "Y.M.C.A." from the legendary Village People who inspired the revival spirit of TMCA as well as Alcazars „Crying at the Discoteque“, Hot Chocolates „You Sexy Thing“ or „I’m so Excited“ by the Pointer Sisters. 

Make space to dance - here is TMCA!


  • Turntablist Destruction

Turntablist Destruction 11 Jul. | 23:15 & 13 Jul. | 19:00

His ability to destroy the perception that a DJ is a musically inept cd shuffler is what makes him unique in today's world of dime-a-dozen DJs. Destruction is a producer and composer, having mastered several genres mixing everything live from vinyl to real time visual performances.

In 1991/92 Destruction was a UK finalist in the DMC championships, which eventually led to taking steps into production. He is credited with production on the highly acclaimed ‘Kaos’ album, released on EMI and has worked with artists that can only be described as Hip Hop Royalty , the latter of which went platinum in the U.S and was a Billboard number 1 in its first week. The Redman single Smash
Sumthin achieved a U.K top 10 and a gold disc to boot.


  • KGW3

KGW3 12. Jul. | 17:30

Across genres, the band gains attention with their drum, rap and brass inspired music. Details Friday


  • Blowing Doozy
  • Blowing Doozy

Blowing Doozy 11 Jul. & 13 Jul.

Blowing Doozy is a progressive funk brass band from Klagenfurt, whos origins are in the street music. Details Thursday

  • Javier Rodaro

Javier Rodaro 12 Jul. | 17:00

Javier Rodaro wants to inspire people with his songs such as “Klangkörper”. Details Friday


  • Gproject Blues Band

Gproject Blues Band 12. Jul. | 15:00

With their inspiring music the four blues musicians are popular acts at many jazz festivals.Details Friday


  • Jimmy and the Goofballs

Jimmy and the Goofballs 13. Jul. | 16:30

Inspired by the sound of their home country Austria the band entertains with stunning rhythms from diverse genres. Details Saturday


  • C o m b a i

C o m b a i 13 Jul. | 15:45

c o m b a i creates an unusual blend of intricate musical atmospheres; pulling liberally from funk, electronica and intimate acoustic music, taking the listener into a genre-bending territory. Details Saturday 



Antenne Kärnten Radio Lounge

Antenne Kärnten Radio Lounge daily 11.00am-10.00pm

Another novelty is presented by our radio show partner Antenne Kärnten who will host the "Antenne Radio Lounge". Music & lots of fun is garanteed during the all main days in Bodypaint City.
Silent Disco Afternoons are running from 3:00 - 8:00 pm

Silent Disco presented by Antenne Kärnten

Silent Disco presented by Antenne Kärnten 12 & 13 Jul. 23.00pm-02.00am

What if the curfew is getting closer and our guests do not want to go home? For the first time we bring the original SILENT DISCO as an after show party on the Electric Balcony on Friday and on Saturday from 23:00 - 02:00 am - or a bit longer;)

  • Railaxed Area
  • Railaxed Area

Railaxed Area daily 11.00am-08.00pm

The Austrian Railway Services invite you to the Railaxed Area. With chill and house sound they present a daily line up in the special corner of Bodypaint City. DJ's on the turntables are
Dominik Lang | Anna Ullrich | JOANiSH | Mike Smile | Danilo | Al.tha | Bettina Striegl

Electric Balcony by by BERGLIEBE

Electric Balcony by by BERGLIEBE 11 Jul. | 12.00 - 9:00pm

The Thursday on the Electric Balcony in Zone D is hosted by Bergliebe Records

Electric Balcony by SNNLS

Electric Balcony by SNNLS 12 Jul. | 12.00 - 11:00pm

The Friday on the Electric Balcony in Zone D is powerful. Host Kristof Grandits brings the local Drum & Bass Community to the turntables.

Electric Balcony by Force UK & Techno am See

Electric Balcony by Force UK & Techno am See 13 Jul. | 12.00 - 9:00pm

The Saturday on the Electric Balcony in Zone D is going to be funky, soulful and tech House. Host Kirstof Grandits - brings the following acts on the turntables: Matt Emulsion | Chris Contrast | Electronic Youth | Johan K | Slim Bubba & many more

DJ Contest

DJ Contest daily 12.00am-05.00pm

The WBF DJ Contest on the Electronic Balcony is running daily from 12:00 am to 04:00 pm. Talents from the electronic music scene can perform here. Equipment, a fully paid DJ Resedency in the Austrian Alps or your own hosting day in the Bergliebe Club Königsleiten can be won. All details


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