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Music Line up

A Fusion of Bodies & Beats is celebrated during the World Bodypainting Festival week. We are very happy to offer also in this year a fantastic and very selective music program to our guests in Bodypaint City in particular during the 3 main days. Again international and national acts on main and side stages. are performing from morning till late in the genres of raggae, hip hop, dancehall, pop, country as well as a selective DJ line up with variouse styles.

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Line up 2017


Alvaro Soler

Latino Pop (Spain/Germany)


Alvaro Soler FOTO


Alvaro Soler entered the charts worldwide with his single “Sofia” and his album “Eterno Agosto”. The Spain musician with German roots has grown up multi lingual in Barcelona and Tokyo. In his actual hometown Berlin, he produced his debut album “Eterno Agosto”. Spain temperament meets the Berlin urban flair.
Alvaro describes his music as relaxed and danceable. His extraordinary melodies and texts let the people feel a never-ending summer – no matter what season.



El Mismo Sol

Alvaro Soler El Mismo Sol


Alvaro Soler Sofia


Alle Farben

Deep House (Germany)


Alle Farben FOTO


The Kreuzberger Frans Zimmer has reached heights others can only dream of. Having evolved under the artist alias ALLE FARBEN over the past eight years, he is now in a key position in the German and increasingly international music scene, playing every weekend in clubs around Europe and surfing on the SoundCloud-Wave like few others.
Combining styles and musical components that might not fit at first glance, Alle Farben has developed a unique sound that brings even the shyest dancers to move their hips and wiggle their toes. Crossing borders, adapting classics and forming them into his perception of electronic dance music, it’s not just since his epic performance on the first of May 2013 at the former Tempelhof Airport, where he performed in front of 35.000 people enjoying the sunny vibes and beats, that his music’s power of attraction deserves acknowledgment.

Playing frequently around Europe, his sound has given him increasing attention in other parts of the globe such as Canada and Israel. Although his schedule is busy as ever – playing somewhere different every weekend – Berlin and especially Kreuzberg will always stay Frans’ home - a place from where he started out on this long journey with its current milestone being his debut album.



please tell rosie

Alle Farben Please tell Rosie

Bad Ideas

Alle Farben Bad Ideas

She Moves

Alle Farben She moves



Hip Hop (Germany)


257ers FOTO


257ers is a German hip-hop duo signed to the music label Selfmade Records / Universal Music. The group consists of the two rappers Shneezin and Mike and is named after the zipcode of their hometown Essen Kupferdreh (Germany). Originally the duo formed in 1997 as a graffiti crew, later on Mike and Shneezin started making music and releasing mixtapes and songs. That was just the beginning. Up until now the guys have played over 600 headlineshows and festivals accross Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Their last album "Boomshakkalakka" was number 1 in the german charts. Their new album is called „Mikrokosmos“ and will be released on July 1st.




257ers Holz


257ers Holland


257ers Piraten


Ragga Twins

Ragga / Jungle / Drum and Bass (UK)




Ragga Twins or "RTC" are a ragga and jungle group from Hackney, England, composed of London UNITY sound system veteran MCs Deman Rocker and Flinty Badman. They are regarded as pioneers of jungle.
In 2014, they featured on "All is Fair in Love and Brostep" and "RAGGA BOMB" from Skrillex's debut album Recess.
Another Hit was born in 2015 feat. Skrillex once more. the Song BAD MAN reached in only few month 10 millions hits on every online Platform. The Vetrans of Jungle / Drum and Bass / HipHop and Bass Music are never tired and rule the scene until 25 Years.



Ragga Bomb (feat. Skrillex)

Ragga Twins Ragga Bomb

Bad Man (feat. Skrillex)

Ragga Twins Bad Man

Watch Out (feat. Dirtyphonics)

Ragga Twins Watch out



Basshall / Futurebass Music (Austria)




„SPEECHLESS“ will make you speechless!

Speechless is the newest project of “Mumble”- a specialist in dancehall, hip hop and reggae – and “Maph” – an expert in EDM & drum and bass.
Together they make hot and loud basshall and futurebass music.




tun up di baasss



Big Mountain

Reggae (USA)


Big Mountain FOTO



Big Mountain is an American Reggae/pop band known for its cover version of Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way", which became a Top 10 hit single in the U.S. in early 1994, reaching No. 6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, No. 1 on Mainstream Top 40 and No. 2 in the UK.
Multi platinum-selling Reggae band, Big Mountain, announced a return to the road with their upcoming 2017 tour. The highly anticipated tour will kick off in New Delhi India, January 12, 2017 and includes dates throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific islands, Asia, South Pacific and back into Eastern and Western Europe in August and finishing the 2017 world tour during the month of November in Brazil.



Baby, I love your way

Big Mountain Baby I Love your way

I would find a way

Big Mountain I would find a way

Reggae Español (live)

Big Mountain Reggae Espanol Live



Electronica / Pop (Ukraine)




ONUKA is a joint project of the famous Ukrainian sound producer and musician Eugene Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko. The first single of ONUKA was released in 2013. In the fall of 2014 Nata and Eugene presented the debut album 'ONUKA'. It includes the hits-songs 'Look', 'When I Met You', 'Time' and 'Misto'. In the winter of 2016 ONUKA announced the launch of their own label Vidlik. The first release of the label became same-name titled 5-track EP.
The signature sound of ONUKA is an organic mix of electronica, modern pop music and Ukrainian folk instruments.




Onuka Vidlik

Live in Kiev

Onuka Live in Kiev


Onuka Misto

Moop Mama

Urban Brass (Germany)




Since seven years, MOOP MAMA combines the art of story-telling with an unique sound of brass, beats and rap: “Urban Brass”
MOOP MAMA are known for spectacular stage shows.
Now they recorded their third album “M.O.O.P.TOPIA”.



alle Kinder

MOOP MAMA Alle Kinder




Jimmy and the Goofballs

Reggae/Funk/Brass (Austria)


Jimmy theGoofballs Bild

Jimmy and the Goofballs are an eleven man band from Austria. The music they play is full of energy and a great mix of genres like Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk or Brass. Their texts are in German language and animating the crowd to smile, dance and sing.



Jimmy das durchgeknallte kind

Jimmy theGoofballs VideoBild


Jimmy theGoofballs VideoBild2


At Pavillon

Indie-Pop (Austria)


At Pavillon FOTO


At Pavillon from Vienna are more than a “good-mood-band”.
Their new EP „Disco Demolition Night“ is inspired by classic movies of the 70ties and 80ties and has the capability to bring the Disco in Austria back to live. Like a time machine, their songs take you back to the dancefloor of Saturday Night Fever.




At Pavillon Lion

Face it

At Pavillon Face it

Disco Demolition Night

At Pavillon Disco Demolition Night


Crinkle Cuts



Crinkle Cuts FOTO


Fresh with a capital PH, Crinkle Cuts deliver you a blasting of tantric funk, smooth reggae and new-wave latin ska woven together with good vibes for an eccentric, exotic and eargasmic live performance.

It would be no exaggeration to say that their music never fails to get a crowd dancing as Eden Festival recounts the Crinkle Cuts as ‘One of the most electric sets of the weekend’’.

As well as their incredible live performances, Crinkle Cuts music has been well received with the BBC describing the Crinkle Cuts as “Amazing!” Bigger than Patrick, their new LP is out right now to stream on Soundcloud or to purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes and other major online stores.

Known for their tracks ‘Two Shoes’ and ‘Dan’s Song’, their debut album is underway, which includes the new hit ‘Slipped on a Banana' and is not one to be missed!



Two shoes

Crinkle Cuts two shoes


Crinkle Cuts Oowargh


Angela Reign

Country Rock (USA)


Angela Reign600px


Equally appealing to fans of Pop, Rock, Southern Rock, Country and Indie music, Angela’s music defies easy categorization. In 2013, fans and the GA Music Awards crowned Angela Reign the Best Female Country Artist of the Year. In the same year, Angela was named by CBS Atlanta as one of the 5 Best Local Rock Bands, and her band competed as finalists in Hard Rock’s International Battle of the Bands. In 2014, Angela Reign was nominated for Best Overall Female Artist of the Year, and in 2015 Angela’s first release is a techno dance song collaboration with GA Music Awards Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Se’Von. Whatever the genre, Angela brings it to the stage with one of the most high-energy and electrifying shows in the business.

Fans, club owners, the press, DJs and music critics alike are raving over Angela’s powerful original music, masterfully performed covers and dynamic stage show.




Angela Reign Obvious


Angela Reign I wanna ride the bull



Stefan Thaler & Band

Acoustic Rock (Austria)


Stefan Thaler FOTO


A different type of musician. Some call him singer/songwriter. However, he himself would say he is an instrumentalist. His lyrics are on the one hand thoughtful, on the other hand playful, but always directly taken from real life. In his songs, you can find acoustic guitar with rhythmic elements such as base drum or tambourine. That's the thing what makes him special – his variety! And this year with band.
He had the pleasure to be onstage with bands like Julian le Play, Bilderbuch, Kreisky or Blackout Problems. With his new album "Willkommen & Abschied" which will be released in summer 2014, he will be on tour all over Europe.
The aim is to move on forwards while he is never forgetting the roots.





Stefan Thaler Fliegen

Bei dir

Stefan Thaler Bei dir


Kenta Hayashi

Live Looping / Psychedelic (Japan)


Kenta Hayashi FOTO


444Hz tuning. Japanese singer-songwriter and loop pedal ninja KENTA HAYASHI takes the term ‘one man band’ to next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects, percussion. The result is a fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys surrounded by soundscapes and an overtone of harmonies on a rhythmic foundation - all created live by Kenta through the use of his loop pedal.



Live @ Fuji Rock Festival

Kenta Hayashi FUJI Rock


Kenta Hayashi Trill


Rigo Masiala and the Okapi Band

Afro Reggae (Congo/Austria)


Rigo Masiala FOTO


Rigo Masiala was born and grew up in the Democratic Republic Congo.
The band "Rigo Masiala and the Okapi Band" combines Afro Roots Reggae with World Music. 
The rhythm of their music makes everyone dance. You can feel the sound with all senses.
The group is not only a mix of traditions and modern, it's also brings people from different continents together.




Rigo Masiala Freedom Kongo Fighters Video


Rigo Masiala Demo


Rigo VideoBild2

Jugendstiltheater - The world smallest theatre

Stage // Music and Showacts


Das Kleinste Theater der Welt


The world smallest theatre!

The "JUGENDSTILTHEATER" Klagenfurt/Celovec (JUST) is an institution from the club "VADA" and it is the world smallest theatre.

There are many events in the "JUGENDSTILTHEATER" during the year, like speeches, theatre, readings, cabarett, ballet and music concerts. 

Different artistic performance and concerts will take place duríng the World Bodypainting Festival at the JUGENSTILTHEATER.

There is also the posibillity to show your own talent during the "Open Stage - Show your talent".



  • Vadaistische Plotmontagen - with Yulia Izmaylova, Boris Randizio & Felix Strasser
  • The smallest heavy metal concert - with In this Chest
  • Franz from Austria
  • Open Stage / Show your talent 


For timings please visit the program schedule



DJ Stage

Eumel BPF

The ÖBB RAILAXED AREA with a lot of different DJs on the turntables is the perfect place to chill and relax during the festival. 



Cab Canavaral | Dominik Lang | Alternativklang | Mexx Headroom | Bettina Striegl | Danilo | Joanish


For timings please visit the program schedule


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