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Music Line up

A Fusion of Bodies & Beats is celebrated during the World Bodypainting Festival week. We are very happy to offer also in this year a fantastic and very selective music program to our guests in Bodypaint City in particular during the 3 main days. Again international and national acts on main and side stages. are performing from morning till late in the genres of raggae, hip hop, dancehall, pop, country as well as a selective DJ line up with variouse styles.

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Line-Up WBF Main Days: July 12 - 14, 2018


  • Culcha Candela

Culcha Candela 13 Jul. | 22:00

The Berlin based band from the genre of dancehall, hip hop and raggae celebrates its 15th stage anniversary.  Details Friday


  • Camo & Krooked

Camo & Krooked 14 Jul. | 22:00

The famous drum'n bass duo will heat you up for the WBF Grand Finale!  Details Saturday


  • MIA.

MIA. 13 Jul. | 18:30

The popular Elektro Punk Rock Icon from Berlin performs for the 20 stage anniversary.  Details Friday


  • Lemo

Lemo 12 Jul. | 22:00

Award winning songwriter of the 2017. Details Thursday


  • Django3000

Django3000 12 Jul. | 18:00

Temper & rythmus from bavarians most popular folk rock band with balkan beat influence. Details Thursday


  • Elektro Guzzi

Elektro Guzzi 14 Jul. | 18:30

The Live Elektronic Band will take you on a hypnotic dance journey through techno, house and dub instrumentals.  Details Saturday


  • Gudrun von Laxenburg

Gudrun von Laxenburg 14 Jul. | 16:00

Live Electro Band, with live drums and groovey synthy sound the crowd will get dance infected and electrifyed.  Details Saturday


  • Roy de Roy

Roy de Roy 12 Jul. | 15:20

a microcosm of Vienna: different, multicultural and loud! Details Thursday


  • Wendja

Wendja 13 Jul. | 17:00

Lukas Ploechl celebrates his solo comeback with the album raindance. Details Friday


  • MC Daxta

MC Daxta 14 Jul. | 22:00

MC and DnB Vocalist performs along with Camo&Krooked on the main stage. Details Saturday


  • Railaxed Area
  • Railaxed Area

Railaxed Area daily from 11.00am-08.00pm

The Austrian Railway Services invite you to the Railaxed Area. With chill and house sound they present a daily line up in the special corner of Bodypaint City.

  • Electric Balcony by Royal's Kitchen
  • Electric Balcony by Royal's Kitchen

Electric Balcony by Royal's Kitchen 12 Jul. | 12.00 - 9:00pm

The thursday on the Electric Balcony in Zone D is hosted by Royal's Kitchen with Kareem Da-Li | Steve Hope | Maximilian Foit | Radial M | Guido M | Armin Ascari | E.Royal

  • Electric Balcony by InYourFace Krew
  • Electric Balcony by InYourFace Krew

Electric Balcony by InYourFace Krew 14 Jul. | 12.00 - 9:00pm

The Saturday on the Electric Balcony in Zone D is powerful. Host MC Dreadbore brings the following acts to the turntables: Impressor | Mode | Syntolix | Sensive | Haptic | Synopsis | Phyzdrop | WasteNoize | Ernest0r

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