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World Bodypainting Photo Award 2019


The WBF Photo Competition 

For the passed 22 years the photo competition has been a big part of the World Bodypainting Festival. The World Championships where artists from over 50 different nations present the most amazing art for visitors and photographers alike. We award in 2 categories for the best image created in that year. Everyone can take part in this competition. Photo pass holders participate for free while visitors who do not have a photo pass can participate for an additional fee of € 30, which can be charged during or after the festival. LINK WB-ONLINE SHOP

094 Photo Sammy Patipat 250 Photo Dmitri Moisseev

Photos:  Sammi Patipat / Dmitri Moisseev category"Best Bodypainting Photo"

Since we are getting more and more images in the photo competition that are showing beautiful make-up, stylings or fashion, we changed the categories of the WBF Photo Awards last year and will keep that also for 2019.

There are two award categories

  • Best Bodypainting Photo
  • Best Fashion / Portrait Photo
The best works are awarded and honored with a World Award Trophy, cash and products.
The works will be showncased at the festival the following year.
Many of the participating photos are printed in the annual photo catalog and sent free of charge to each participant.

Explanation of Categories

  • Best Bodypainting Photo
    This category focuses on the art of bodypainting. You attend that classic category if you capture the bodypainting models during the work, on stage, in the photo areas. Also Special Effects Bodypainting belong in this category. If the photo captured close ups, parts of the body or a headshot with more than shoulders this is the right category.
    It is allowed to retouch.
  • Best Fashion / Portrait Photo
    This category focuses on creative make-up, beauty shots, fashionable outfits, costumes of the models at the World Bodypainting Festival. Fashion shots are also full body shots with lots of costumes.
    Also portrait shots of any models, no matter if painted or not belongs to this category. A portrait is a headshot that can include parts of the shoulders. 
    It is allowed to retouch.

252 Photo Davide DaDamos

Davide Da Damos "Frozen Flower" (Italy)

Conditions of Participation "World Bodypainting Photo Award“

  • Only works created at the festival between 11- 13 July 2019 are eligible. It must be recognized that photos have been taken at this year's festival. A mix of photographic material from previous years is not permitted.
  • The number of submissions :
    - A maximum of 8 in category "Best Bodypainting Photo"
    - A maximum of 8 in category "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo"
  • Please submit your works via a storage platform.
  • PLEASE note to include a title for each photo being submitted. This serves to identify the photo in the results.
  • PLEASE include your full name, mailing address and phone number in the submission when transferring.
  • The image files should be in jpg format with minimum loss of quality, 300 dpi resolution and at least 3000 pixels on the shortest side.
  • Deadline for submissions is October 15, 2019.
  • It is not allowed, to submit the same photos in both categories.
  • The name of the participant or any logos must not appear in the photo. Judging is anonymous.
  • The jury process:
  • The jury members score the works with a minimum of 1 to maximum of 10 points.
  • Images with high scores are discussed openly and placed.
  • About 1/3 of the photos are published with the given points; these are considered "accepted" by the jury, (following the international rules of the FIAP) the remainder are published without points, considered "not accepted by the jury."

THE AWARDS FOR  “World Bodypainting Photo Award” 2019

Category "Best Bodypainting Photo“ is awared as follows:

1 Place World Award Trophy + € 700 cash
2 Place € 300 in cash
3 Place € 200 in cash

Participants up to the 10th Place receive a certificate.

Category "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo" will be awarded as follows:

1 Place World Award Trophy + € 700 cash
2 Place € 300 in cash
3 Place € 200 in cash

Participants up to the 10th Place receive a certificate.

Photo Rights

  • The photos may be used any time without request for publications about the World Bodypainting Festival.
    With outside photo contests or exhibitions, please give credit to the artist and that the photos were created at the World Bodypainting Festival.
  • The photos are not for any commercial use without prior agreement of the model, the artist and the organizer.
    If photos are sold for specific purposes, the artist and the model must be included in the billing.
    This can be done individually or with the following rate.

    - 60 % for the photographer
    - 20 % for the artist
    - 20 % for the model

  • It is absolutely prohibited to include any work form the festival in any erotic content or media.

112 Photo Wolfgang Renz
Worlfgang Rentz - "Medusa" (Germany)

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