Results of the World Bodypainting Photo Award 2017

Once again it was a very exciting day with this years jury coming together to award the 2 categories the "World Bodypainting PHOTO Awards". They judged over 1.000 images in the category "Photo Classic"  and "Digital Composing".
Many of the photo ticket holders coming from 23 nations, took part in the WBF photo competition supported by Hartlauer. Some who had no photo ticket during the festival weekend, could register afterwards to participate in the contest. Participants were allowed to submit up to 8 photos in each of the two categories. We are going to publish a wide range of the entries in this years photo catalogue, which will be sent out to all photographers, artists and models free of charge. All entries can be found on our Photo Gallery Server


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The judges 2017

  • Irina Skripnik, Art & Fashion photographer from the Ukraine, working worldwide, gold awarded multiple times by PSA, FIAP, WPPI, ISPWP and many more
  • Kurt Batschinski, FIAP Board of Directors, The World's Photo Association
  • Helmuth Weichselbraun, master photographer working for the 2nd largest newspaper, publications of photo books for Styria and more.
  • Ulf Scherling, WBF Photo Director
  • Daniel Janesch, WBF Photo Team


From the 5 jury members we had Irina Skripnik connected with us from outside, while the other 4 jury members judget in our headquarter. They gave points between 1 to 10 for each image. Photos in the higher level that received the same score were judged a second time. We have uploaded 2 photo galleries in both categories of ALL works that were submitted to the jury.

We congratulate all winners and we are looking forward to award them with the "World Award Trophy designed and manufactured by world champion artist Sanatan Dinda. See you next year at the 21st edition of the World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt.


 The Winners 2017:

Photo Classic

  1. Carsten Rentz - Golden Rose (Germany)
  2. Gerald Christian Gurakuqi - Impetus (Austria)
  3. Ellen Haug - Galactic Elegance (Germany)

pfeil rechtspfeil rechts Complete results of the category "Photo Classic" 2017 as PDF

Digital Composing

  1.  Sammi Patipat - Nightmuseum (Austria)
  2.  Davide da Damos - Contact (Italy)
  3.  Mario Bez - Feuerband (Germany)

pfeil rechtspfeil rechts Complete results of the category "Digital Composing" 2017 as PDF


Photo & Photographer Ranking in the category  "Photo Classic"



1 Rank Photo / 1 Rank Photographer: Carsten Rentz - Golden Rose (Germany)

207 Carsten Rentz Alexandra Iuliana

Karsten:"I try to shoot the image the way I imagine it in the final process. A special task at the WBF is to capture the right moment with the focus on the eyes and having good light conditions." Image data: 1/800 Sec, f/4.0, ISO 2000, focal lenght 200mm, camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Objectiv EF 70-200 f/4L USM

2 Rank Photo / 2 Rank Photographer: Gerald Christian Gurakuqi - Impetus (Austria)

229 Gerald Christian Gurakuqi

3 Rank Photo / 3 Rank Photographer: Ellen Haug - Galactic Elegance (Germany)

026 Ellen Haug

4 Rank Photo / 4 Rank Photographer: Davide da Damos - Dream (Italy)

092 Davide Da Damos

5 Rank Photo / 5 Rank Photographer: Klaus Vonwald - In Bewegung (Austria)

190 Klaus Vonwald

6 Rank Photo / Carsten Rentz - Underworld (Germany)

227 Carsten Rentz

7 Rank Photo / 6 Rank Photographer: Janis Möckelmann - Fantasy (Germany)

029 Janis Möckelmann

8 Rank Photo: Davide da Damos - Elegance (Italy)

102 Davide Da Damos 

9 Rank Photo / 7 Rank Photographer: Torsten Petri - Screemofcreature (Germany)

247 Torsten Petri

10 Rank Photo: Carsten Rentz - Eve54 (Germany)

187 Carsten Rentz



Photo & Photographer "Digital Composing"


1 Rank Photo / 1 Rank Photographer: Sammy Patipat - Nightmuseum (Austria)

203 Sammy Patipat Sanatan Dinda

Sammy: "My composing was inspired by the film „Night at the museum“. When I saw the stunning artworks of the artists, I just wanted the museum to become alive". 


2 Rank Photo / 2 Rank Photographer: Davide da Damos - Energy (Italy)

017 Davide Da Damos

8 Rank Photo / 3 Rank Photographer: Mario Bez - Feuerband (Germany)

016 Mario Bez



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