DJ Contest in Bodypaint City 2020

presented by Bergliebe Records & Landesjugendreferat Kärnten

Since already the year 2008 there were the first DJ Contests at the World Bodypainting Festival. In 2019 we were back with a successful contest with international participants. The new concept will also be produced in 2020 with the support of Hannes Kröll-Schnell aka CROELL and Kristof Grandits TaS. In front of a jury with renowned DJs, producers and musicians beyond the borders of Europe, the participants can showcase their talent.

dj contest2019 750px

An opportunity for hidden talents, newcomers and semi professional DJs and DJanes with the possibility to win

  • 1st place: Residency Bergliebe Club Königsleiten (Austria) -

  • 2nd place: Prime Time Slot at the BMMD (BERGLIEBE MOUNTAIN MUSIC DAYS)

  • 3rd place: Release of a single on the next BERGLIEBE Compililation


Contest schedule:

  • Daily on the WBF main days between 12.00 am to 05.00 pm 
    Pre selection on Thursday and Friday,
    Finals on Saturday
  • Music genre: electronic dance music, remixes, techno, electro, drum and bass, hip hop,
  • The scoring  - Pre selection Thursday and Friday 10 participants per day.
    The top 5 of each day will go into the finals on Sunday.
    The DJ / DJane presents a showcase, the jury will score:
    – TRACK SELECTION (Intro, Structure, Flow)
    – TECHNICAL - Points awarded for technical ability including use of effects or tricks, combination of tecniqes
    – MIXING - The transition from one record to another, points lost for mixes out of sync or poor volume control
    – CROWD REACTION - Points awarded for lifting the crowd or getting a visible reaction
    – CHARISMA - How the DJ interacts with the audience through showmanship

    The scoring  - Semi-Finals:
    The 10 finalists will present their showcase on Saturday. The Jury scores as on the days before.
    The scoring  - Finale:
    The best 2 DJ's will ballte against each other. The genre will be given by the jury.
    The judging is done by the jury and the audience.

  • Lengh of a set: 30 minutes (the jury can stop the performance if the quality of mixing is too low) . maximum lengh of one track is 3 minutes
  • The DJ/DJane has to bring vinyl, headphones and tools (cue points) that can be used within the provided equipment.
    If you need for your hip hop session your battle mixer, you are allowed to bring your own mixer.
  • We provide Technics 1210, Pioneer Mixer DJM 900 NXS and 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS
  • Age limit is 16
  • Registration is open till 30 June 2020 via online form
  • For the participation fee of Euro 20 you will receive your regisration badge for the full festival weekend and free access to the side events
  • All participants will be listed in the program brochure






The Jury 2019

We are proud to present you these iconic artists

for the jury of the World Bodypainting Festival 2019:

Jury2019 800px


Main Categories

  • Ernst Wieser (Austria)
  • Dany Sanz (France)
  • Craig Tracy (USA)
  • Jinny Houle (Canada)
  • Fredi Schmid (Switzerland)
  • Johannes Stötter (Italy)
  • Sanatan Dinda (India)
  • Alex Hansen (Brazil)


  • Jinny Houle (Canada)
  • Johannes Stötter (Italy)
  • Sanatan Dinda (India)
  • Einat Dan (Israel)

SFX Make-up

  • Andrea Benocci (Italy)
  • Fredi Schmid (Switzerland)
  • Alex Hansen (Brazil)
  • Johannes Stötter (Italy)

Creative Make-up

  • Einat Dan (Israel)
  • Phyllis Cohen (UK)
  • Jabe (France)
  • Matilda Inozemtseva (Ukraine)

Purple Brush Award

  • Matilda Inozemzeva (Ukraine)
  • Dany Sanz (France)
  • Jabe (France)

Make-up Battle

  • Einat Dan (Israel)
  • Phyllis Cohen (UK)
  • Jabe (France)

Installation Art Award

  • Bella Volen (Bulgaria)
  • Trina Merry (USA)
  • Beatrix Obernosterer (Austria)


Registrierted nations

Registered nations (artists) 2019

We are very happy to warmly welcome again participants from all around the world!

Austria oesterreich Switzerland schweiz Italy italien Belgium belgien
Germany deutschland Netherlands niederlande Spain spanien Finland finnland
Latvia lettland Serbia serbien Estonia estland Poland polen
Norway norwegen Denmark daenemark Slovenia slowenien Czech Rep. tschechien
Slovakia slowakei Portugal portugal Hungary ungarn France frankreich
UK grossbritannien Croatia kroatien Ukraine ukraine Ireland irland
Bulgaria bulgarien Sweden schweden Lithuania litauen Belarus belarus
Romania rumaenien Macedonia Macedonia  Moldova  moldova    

USA usa Canada kanada Mexico mexiko Chile chile

Russia russland China china Taiwan taiwan Israel israel
India indien South Korea south-korea Hong Kong hong_kong Japan japan
Malaysia malaysia            

Australia australien            

South Africa south-africa            

Chile chile Colombia kolumbien Brazil basilien Argentina argentinien
Guadeloupe guadeloupe            

LOVE gaypride Europe europa        


Registriered Nations (Photographers) 2017

Austria oesterreich Switzerland schweiz Italy italien Belgium belgien
Germany deutschland Netherlands niederlande Luxembourg luxemburg Poland polen
Finland finnland Czech Rep. tschechien Spain spanien France frankreich
UK grossbritannien England england Ireland irland Sweden schweden
Hungary ungarn Slovenia slowenien        

Israel israel Russia russland        

Australia australien Hong Kong hong_kong Canada kanada USA usa


The World Bodypainting Festival attracts yearly the world of bodypainters, make up artists and airbrushers. Some companies use this possibility to represent, make contacts and do business in an open air trade show area in the "Bodypaint City", the festival show grounds.


 Bodypainting & Make-up
Trade Show Exhibitors 2019


kryolan130px Kryolan International
snazaroo_150px Snazaroo
ColorMake130px ColorMake.
superstar150px Superstar Make-up
Mehron130px Mehron International
diamond_fx Diamond FX
senjo color 130px Theatermakeup & Senjo Color

Kodi130px Kodi Professional
davinci da Vinci Künstlerpinselfabrik
Pro makeup Stage130px Pro Make Up Stage
badassstencils-logo130px Bad Ass Stencils
cameleon130px Cameleon Bodypaint
 Asia Colors130px Asia Colors
purple brush allure130px Purple Brush Allure
sportsStencils pro130px Sports Stencils Pro
peter tronser shop130px Bodypainting & more
frl bling130px Frl. Bling


World Award: Installation ART 2019

Main days with installation: 11th – 13th July 2019 Klagenfurt
sponsored bykryolan150pix




an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.

Since 1998 the world’s most colorful event has taken place every year in the south of Austria. Also in the 22nd edition, the world's largest and most important bodypainting event expects thousands of visitors who admire the wonderful work of the artists coming from 50 nations worldwide. The World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) is developing every year and adds new aspects and faces.

One of the creative awards is the “World Award” for installation art projects".

The festival takes place 3 days long in a public park. This award is not a contest as the classic categories, it's a possibility for artists to play with the human body, colour and space - it's an installation within Bodypaint City.

Harald Wolf installation

About the "WBF Installation Art Award" ?

The intention is to provide a space and of course audience within the WBF for selected artists. The project within the WBF should encourage critical thinking, starting debates and discussions about the interpretation. The award requires the engagement of the viewer with the artwork and incorporates the space into the artwork.
The "Installation Art Award" is a site specific type of artwork. You can include traditional and non-traditional media. Painting, sculptures, objects etc. with the only restriction to involve the human body. The artist can also shift from object knowledge to subject experience. This new direction could be also mixed with land art elements.


Please note:
The size of the props and the number of models/performers is not the core of the idea. We are searching for a melting pot and harmony of colours, painting quality, interesting idea, work with space, objects, movement. The connection between the elements involved and the total visual effect is important.


  • The World Award category: “Installation ART" is presented during the main days in “Bodypaint City”.
  • The participant is able to select a location within the festival week. The start of creation can be on request before the main days.
    The curator and director are consulting with the artists about needs in space and time.
  • 3-5 artists are able to finally interpret the work to the committee and the audience on each day

Registering for the competition categories

  • The 17th June 2019 is the closing date for registrations via the online registration form.
  • The registration should include a detailed idea, portfolio and portrait of the artist.
  • Part of the concept is a list of materials you use and bring, as well as what you need us to organize.
  • The amount of performers is not limited.
  • With the artist pass you get a badge for yourself, 1 assistant and 1 model for Bodypaint City for all three days.
    Note: please provided the names of your team until 1st of July 2019

Start and Finish times on the selected day

  • Bodypaint City opens daily from 9.00 am.
  • The art installation is presented to the committee on a specific time, which will be disussed with you.


The artist gives a detailed explanation about the artwork including the used materials.

Jury will judge:

  • Interpretation & Idea
  • Materials & Realization
  • Multimedia
  • Installation Overall
  • Use of the human body


Art Award

  • The jury presents the World Champion in the category World Award: “Installation ART" on the final day.
  • 1st Prize World Award Trophy + € 1.000 in cash
  • Every accepted artist gets a material fund of € 200

registration form

Last years winner


PSascha MenschingAGesine Marwedel-1

Results of the World Bodypainting Photo Award 2018

(Submissions for the WBP Photo Award 2019 possible until latest 15th October 2019)

Big part of the visual discipline at the World Bodypainting Festival is the annual WORLD BODYPAINTING PHOTO AWARD. All PHOTO TICKET holders or also visitors can take part in this photo competition that awards the best images with money prizes and the grand World Award Trophy.

Since we are getting more and more images in the photo competition that are showing beautiful make-up, stylings or fashion, we changed the categories of the WBF Photo Award in 2018. Now you could apply up to 8 works in the categories "Best Bodypainting Photo" and "Best Fashion/Portrait Photo". Almost 1.000 images were submitted and our jury team choose on one evening the best out of them. 

All entries can be found on our new Photo Gallery Server


Jury2018 Photo600px

The judges 2018

  • Irina Skripnik, Art & Fashion photographer from the Ukraine, working worldwide, gold awarded multiple times by PSA, FIAP, WPPI, ISPWP and many more
  • Kurt Batschinski, FIAP Board of Directors, The World's Photo Association
  • Martin Steinthaler, Studio TINE
  • Ulf Scherling, WBF Photo Director
  • Daniel Janesch, WBF Photo Team


From the 5 jury members we had Irina Skripnik connected with us from outside, while the other 4 jury members judget in our headquarter. They gave points between 1 to 10 for each image. Photos in the higher level that received the same score were judged a second time. We have uploaded 2 photo galleries in both categories of ALL works that were submitted to the jury.

We congratulate all winners and we are looking forward to award them with the "World Award Trophy designed and manufactured by world champion artist Sanatan Dinda. See you next year at the 22nd edition of the World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt.


 The Winners 2018:

Best Bodypainting Photo

  1. Peter Ziegler "Rote Bande" (Germany)
  2. Sammi Patipat "Aztec-God" (Austria)
  3. Pedro Silva "Wings" (Portugal)

pfeil rechtspfeil rechts Complete results of the category "Photo Classic" 2018 as PDF

Best Fashion / Portrait Photo

  1. Enrico Uboldi "1p" (Italy)
  2. Dmitri Moisseev "Passion for Fashion"(Canada)
  3. Davide Da Damos "Frozen Flower" (Italy)

pfeil rechtspfeil rechts Complete results of the category "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo" 2018 as PDF


Photo & Photographer Ranking in the category  "Best Bodypainting Photo"



1 Rank Photo / 1 Rank Photographer: Peter Ziegler "Rote Bande" (Germany)

128 Photo Peter Ziegler

2 Rank Photo / 2 Rank Photographer: Sammi Patipat "Aztec-God" (Austria)

084 Photo Sammy Patipat

3 Rank Photo / 3 Rank Photographer: Pedro Silva "Wings" (Portugal)

072 Photo Pedro Silva

4 Rank Photo / 4 Rank Photographer: Davide Da Damos "Toxic" (Italy)

303 Photo Davide DaDamos

5 Rank Photo: Sammi Patipat "Born this way" (Austria)

094 Photo Sammy Patipat

6 Rank Photo / 5 Rank Photographer: Dmitri Moisseev "Butterfly Princess" (Canada)

250 Photo Dmitri Moisseev

7 Rank Photo: Davide Da Damos "Artemide" (Italy)

243 Photo Davide DaDamos

8 Rank Photo / 6 Rank Photographer: Wolfgang Renz "Die blaue Frau" (Germany)

102 Photo Wolfgang Renz

9 Rank Photo / 7 Rank Photographer: Günther Kleber "Blue Angel" (Germany)

409 Photo Guenther Kleber

10 Rank Photo / 8 Rank Photographer: Klaus Vonwald "Blau bemalt" (Austria)

006 Photo Klaus Vonwald



Photo & Photographer "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo"


1 Rank Photo / 1 Rank Photographer: Enrico Uboldi "1p" (Italy)

170 Photo Enrico Uboldi

2 Rank Photo / 2 Rank Photographer: Dmitri Moisseev "Passion for Fashion"(Canada)

278 Photo Dmitri Moisseev 

3 Rank Photo / 3 Rank Photographer: Davide Da Damos "Frozen Flower" (Italy)

252 Photo Davide DaDamos

4 Rank Photo / 4 Rank Photographer: Ramon Rodriguez "Portrait-0896" (Chile)

251 Photo Ramon Rodriguez

5 Rank Photo / 5 Rank Photographer: Carsten Rentz - "Phönix" (Germany)

374 Photo Carsten Rentz

6 Rank Photo: Dmitri Moisseev "Rock Star" (Canada)

298 Photo Dmitri Moisseev

7 Rank Photo / 6 Rank Photographer: Worlfgang Rentz - "Medusa" (Germany)

112 Photo Wolfgang Renz

8 Rank Photo / 7 Rank Photographer: Karin Upahl "Die Verführung" (Germany)

457 Photo Karin Upahl 

9 Rank Photo / 8 Rank Photographer: Christian Anders "Pop Art" (Germany)

368 Photo Christian Anders

10 Rank Photo: Carsten Rentz - "Phönix" (Germany)

344 Photo Carsten Rentz




World Bodypainting Photo Award 2019


The WBF Photo Competition 

(Submissions for the WBP Photoaward 2019 possible until latest 15th October 2019)

For the passed 22 years the photo competition has been a big part of the World Bodypainting Festival. The World Championships where artists from over 50 different nations present the most amazing art for visitors and photographers alike. We award in 2 categories for the best image created in that year. Everyone can take part in this competition. Photo pass holders participate for free while visitors who do not have a photo pass can participate for an additional fee of € 30, which can be charged during or after the festival. LINK WB-ONLINE SHOP

094 Photo Sammy Patipat 250 Photo Dmitri Moisseev

Photos:  Sammi Patipat / Dmitri Moisseev category"Best Bodypainting Photo"

Since we are getting more and more images in the photo competition that are showing beautiful make-up, stylings or fashion, we changed the categories of the WBF Photo Awards last year and will keep that also for 2019.

There are two award categories

  • Best Bodypainting Photo
  • Best Fashion / Portrait Photo
The best works are awarded and honored with a World Award Trophy, cash and products.
The works will be showncased at the festival the following year.
Many of the participating photos are printed in the annual photo catalog and sent free of charge to each participant.

Explanation of Categories

  • Best Bodypainting Photo
    This category focuses on the art of bodypainting. You attend that classic category if you capture the bodypainting models during the work, on stage, in the photo areas. Also Special Effects Bodypainting belong in this category. If the photo captured close ups, parts of the body or a headshot with more than shoulders this is the right category.
    It is allowed to retouch.
  • Best Fashion / Portrait Photo
    This category focuses on creative make-up, beauty shots, fashionable outfits, costumes of the models at the World Bodypainting Festival. Fashion shots are also full body shots with lots of costumes.
    Also portrait shots of any models, no matter if painted or not belongs to this category. A portrait is a headshot that can include parts of the shoulders. 
    It is allowed to retouch.

252 Photo Davide DaDamos

Davide Da Damos "Frozen Flower" (Italy)

Conditions of Participation "World Bodypainting Photo Award“

  • Only works created at the festival between 11- 13 July 2019 are eligible. It must be recognized that photos have been taken at this year's festival. A mix of photographic material from previous years is not permitted.
  • The number of submissions :
    - A maximum of 8 in category "Best Bodypainting Photo"
    - A maximum of 8 in category "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo"
  • Please submit your works via a storage platform.
  • PLEASE note to include a title for each photo being submitted. This serves to identify the photo in the results.
  • PLEASE include your full name, mailing address and phone number in the submission when transferring.
  • The image files should be in jpg format with minimum loss of quality, 300 dpi resolution and at least 3000 pixels on the shortest side.
  • Deadline for submissions is October 15, 2019.
  • It is not allowed, to submit the same photos in both categories.
  • The name of the participant or any logos must not appear in the photo. Judging is anonymous.
  • The jury process:
  • The jury members score the works with a minimum of 1 to maximum of 10 points.
  • Images with high scores are discussed openly and placed.
  • About 1/3 of the photos are published with the given points; these are considered "accepted" by the jury, (following the international rules of the FIAP) the remainder are published without points, considered "not accepted by the jury."

THE AWARDS FOR  “World Bodypainting Photo Award” 2019

Category "Best Bodypainting Photo“ is awared as follows:

1 Place World Award Trophy + € 700 cash
2 Place € 300 in cash
3 Place € 200 in cash

Participants up to the 10th Place receive a certificate.

Category "Best Fashion / Portrait Photo" will be awarded as follows:

1 Place World Award Trophy + € 700 cash
2 Place € 300 in cash
3 Place € 200 in cash

Participants up to the 10th Place receive a certificate.

Photo Rights

  • The photos may be used any time without request for publications about the World Bodypainting Festival.
    With outside photo contests or exhibitions, please give credit to the artist and that the photos were created at the World Bodypainting Festival.
  • The photos are not for any commercial use without prior agreement of the model, the artist and the organizer.
    If photos are sold for specific purposes, the artist and the model must be included in the billing.
    This can be done individually or with the following rate.

    - 60 % for the photographer
    - 20 % for the artist
    - 20 % for the model

  • It is absolutely prohibited to include any work form the festival in any erotic content or media.

112 Photo Wolfgang Renz
Worlfgang Rentz - "Medusa" (Germany)

Header Tickets


World Bodypainting Photo Days 2020


Workshops, seminars, photo zones and contests

09 - 11 July 2020

Side Events from 5. - 8. July


With this evanescent body art, photography is an essential part of the festival. Over the years the "World Bodypainting Photo Days" have evolved with more and more content.

The festival is not only a place to get great photos, it is even more a meeting point of the Bodypainting Photocommunity! The WBF Photo days offer also in 2020 a great scenery, professional models, asthetic bodies, state of the art equipment and great workshops to create the perfect picture.

072 Photo Pedro Silva 
Photo: Pedro Silva


Photo activities during the WB Academy

(Pre-program from Sunday 5 July to Wednesday 8 July 2020)

The WB Academy program and side events take place from Sunday to Wednesday during the days and evenings leading up to the main days.

There are a variety of workshops, especially for photographers such as nude, studio, Light Art or Outdoor Photography with the focus on Bodypainting as well as postprocessing sessions. These high quality classes are limited to small groups and are connected to participation fees. We are at the moment busy working on the next years programms - detailled contents and prices are available, as soon as finalised (app. December 2019) in the Web under "WB Academy"

 112 Photo Wolfgang Renz
Photo: Wolfgang Renz

The main days in Bodypaint City

(Thursday 09 July - Saturday 11 July 2020)

In the Open Air Art Park "Bodypaint City" you will find the exhibition areas, the artists tents as well as photo areas.
Digital Creative Corner and service areas and more are spread throughout the park.

After the completion of artistic work on the models, they pose exclusively in the "Photo Award Area" this is where Photo Ticket holders can make the most fantastic shots to enter in the photo contest. In addition, photo ticket holders also have access to the front stage area.

  • Trade show area
  • Photo shooting areas to holders of photo tickets (strictly limited)
  • Workshops in the photo shooting area during the day
  • WBF photo contests in 2 categories

The photo ticket is available from €169  in our Online Shop!


All Ticket Options

252 Photo Davide DaDamos

Photo: Davide Da Damos


The photo contest,  “World Bodypainting Photo Award“

Since 22 years the photo competition is a big part of the World Bodypainting Festival. We award in 2 categories the best images done in that year. Since we are getting more and more images in the photo competition that are showing beautiful make-up, stylings or fashion, we would like to change the categories of the WBF Photo Award.

There are going to be 2 award categories:

  • Best Bodypainting Photo
  • Fashion & Portrait Photo

Find all detailed information here at WBF Photo Award.



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