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Bodypainting Model of the Year Award

What would a photo be without the unique expression of the model ?
So, we award the "Bodypainting Model of the Year" annually.

The award goes to the model, that expresses and represents the bodypainting artwork the best. That includes the modeling on the main days, on stage as well as in the photo shooting area. This prize is awarded within the photo competition.

The award 2015 goes to "Vitalia Abramova" from Russia

076 Julie Boehm Vitalia Abramova

Photo Julie Böhm

Vitalia comes for some years already to the World Bodypainting Festival and is always present with top artists such as Yiulia Vlasova or Olga Sokolova. She is one of the favourite models since years for many photographers and also video filmers and the Festival TV.

We are happy to hand over the unique trophy for the "Bodypainting Model of the Year" as part of a festive ceremony on the upcoming festival.

303 Enrico Uboldi Vitalia Abramova
Photo Enrico Uboldi

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