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Exhibitor information for the

World Bodypainting Festival 2020


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Food Market

Shady spots with garden atmosphere surrounded by nicely arranged sales stalls, bars and Foodtrucks invite our visitors to rela and enjoy. 
International as well as regional specialities cater for the culinary pleasure of the people. It is very important fo us to have a diverse offer, so all exhibitors and caterers get their stands after the "first come - first serve" principle and each food type will only be offered once. So an early application is recommended.

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Photo: Karsten Skrabal

Bodypainting & Beauty Expo 

With the Bodypainting & Beauty Expo we have different "colorful isles" spread over the entire festival ground to offer a broad palette of brushes, colors and asseccoires for buying and testing. The products are mainly supplys in the areas of Body- and Facepainting, Make-up, Special Effects, Beauty & Hairstyling and cosmetics. So not only a possibility of selling but also a meeting point of the industry with great networking possibilities and getting in touch with people of the industry as well as informing about news and trends.

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Photos: Dirk Hartung & Sarah Egger


Lifestyle Market

"The stage is yours" - With about 20.000 visitors on three days the WBF offers a great possibility for selling creative things, hand-made stuff, regional products, decorative things, taken together all types of Lifestyle products.
The individally designed sales areas invite many anlso international guests to take a piece "WBF" or a piece Carinthia / Austria" home.

Aditionally we call to apply for offering activity programms as for example Henna Workshops, drum building course, Massage, Tips & Tricks. We integrate your individual workshop into the official WBF program (Online, Newsletter, Showguide on site) - a great cost free opportunity to advertise your products and services. 

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KIDS & Family

Especially for kids we have the possibility to get facepainted and get part of the colorful festival. A special kids area invites families to relax, parents can watch how their kids transform into small superheros, princesses or mythical creatures. Also the kids can be artists by themselves, tehy can paint on paper and be creative. If you have a special offer / idea for our kids zone you are welcome to contact us.

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As we want to offer a wide range of different and high quality products, we select our vendors "First come - first serve" but also according to their product range and appearance.

Please write a Message to Marlies to get our detailed exhibitor information.

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