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World Award: Installation ART 2019

Main days with installation: 11th – 13th July 2019 Klagenfurt
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an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.

Since 1998 the world’s most colorful event has taken place every year in the south of Austria. Also in the 22nd edition, the world's largest and most important bodypainting event expects thousands of visitors who admire the wonderful work of the artists coming from 50 nations worldwide. The World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) is developing every year and adds new aspects and faces.

One of the creative awards is the “World Award” for installation art projects".

The festival takes place 3 days long in a public park. This award is not a contest as the classic categories, it's a possibility for artists to play with the human body, colour and space - it's an installation within Bodypaint City.

Harald Wolf installation

About the "WBF Installation Art Award" ?

The intention is to provide a space and of course audience within the WBF for selected artists. The project within the WBF should encourage critical thinking, starting debates and discussions about the interpretation. The award requires the engagement of the viewer with the artwork and incorporates the space into the artwork.
The "Installation Art Award" is a site specific type of artwork. You can include traditional and non-traditional media. Painting, sculptures, objects etc. with the only restriction to involve the human body. The artist can also shift from object knowledge to subject experience. This new direction could be also mixed with land art elements.


Please note:
The size of the props and the number of models/performers is not the core of the idea. We are searching for a melting pot and harmony of colours, painting quality, interesting idea, work with space, objects, movement. The connection between the elements involved and the total visual effect is important.


  • The World Award category: “Installation ART" is presented during the main days in “Bodypaint City”.
  • The participant is able to select a location within the festival week. The start of creation can be on request before the main days.
    The curator and director are consulting with the artists about needs in space and time.
  • 3-5 artists are able to finally interpret the work to the committee and the audience on each day

Registering for the competition categories

  • The 17th June 2019 is the closing date for registrations via the online registration form.
  • The registration should include a detailed idea, portfolio and portrait of the artist.
  • Part of the concept is a list of materials you use and bring, as well as what you need us to organize.
  • The amount of performers is not limited.
  • With the artist pass you get a badge for yourself, 1 assistant and 1 model for Bodypaint City for all three days.
    Note: please provided the names of your team until 1st of July 2019

Start and Finish times on the selected day

  • Bodypaint City opens daily from 9.00 am.
  • The art installation is presented to the committee on a specific time, which will be disussed with you.


The artist gives a detailed explanation about the artwork including the used materials.

Jury will judge:

  • Interpretation & Idea
  • Materials & Realization
  • Multimedia
  • Installation Overall
  • Use of the human body


Art Award

  • The jury presents the World Champion in the category World Award: “Installation ART" on the final day.
  • 1st Prize World Award Trophy + € 1.000 in cash
  • Every accepted artist gets a material fund of € 200

registration form

Last years winner


PSascha MenschingAGesine Marwedel-1

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