Peter & Petra Tronser


Peter & Petra Tronser

The artist couple Tronser works since years together in the area of Bodyart. The passion for art, colour and crafting brought them even together. Peter and Petra are both accomplished sculptors and complement one another perfectly.

They started with sculpting, and then further got a name in Bodyart (Bodypainting / Special Effects).

As well-rehersed team they offer cosmetics, Bodypaitning, Airbrush as nail art classes in their Store and create unique trade Show appearences for many companies.

Further both of them are well experienced in artistical projects for television, for example ZDF Wetten Dass, ZDF fernsehgarten or for the channels Kabel 1, Sat1, SWR3.

Besides they organise awards, events and performances all around Bodypainting.

Their biggest success:

  • 1. Place World Bodypainting Festival 2008 + 2010 / Special Effects Make-up Award
    1. Place World Bodypainting Festival 2010 / Fluoro Award
  • 3. Place World Bodypainting Festival 2013 / Airbrush Award
  • 1. Place World Bodypainting Festival 2014 / Image Award Artistic
  • 1. Place Maskerade2005/2006/2007/ Holland
  • Kreativebook of the year / Creativ Impulse Awards 2012
  • honorary member of IFAB, International Fine Art Bodypainting

Further they have many experiences in teaching:

  • MIST Make up Institut Stockholm seit 2011
  • BEAST Beauty Akademie Stuttgart seit 2014
  • FIP Facepaint In Progress
  • Foundation for the professional face and bodypaint seit 2009
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