Matilda Inotsemtseva


Matilda Inotsemtseva

"A really happy person is a person who can see wonderful things around us." When Matilda was a little girl she realized that it was wiry important to develop this ability - the ability to see the beauty. Being a child she saw the world in bright colors and she tried to put them on paper. Everybody admired her pictures. Teachers in her Art school predicted her a great future. And Matilda understood that her future career would bee connected with Art. But what Art exactly?

After finishing school Matilda entered the sewing college. She wanted to get not only profession, but she decided to develop her creativity, innovative take. Her speciality was - a ladies’ tailor. It was a good start.

She continued her education. She graduated from the institute with the specialities in interior design, costume design, advertisement design and fashion design. But later the life itself showed her the right way - the way of success and achievements.

When she was a student Matilda understood that her true calling was face-painting, make-up. She made a lot of experiments with make-up on her face. She liked when people admired her make-up and it was a source of inspiration for her. She decided to become a professional and again she had to continue her education. She got education in a very famous Abramova’s Hairdressing Academy. She was taught in make up and cosmetology school «Insite». She got a Certificate of advancement of qualifications in Taisia Vasiljeva’s school. She took part in a lot of master-classes of «Atelier» school and communicated with such make-up artists as Vincent dу Monfreid and Alex Hansen. She took any possibility to improve her skills. And the success was not long in coming. She has achieved her purpose.

Some years ago she started with small creative projects, but now Matilda Inozemtseva is a very famous make-up Artist, the author of the outstanding competitive works, the teacher of the authorial Make-Up School. The main idea of here teaching is development of harmony in a person. Because only a harmonious person is able to see a unique beauty in each face, and using special knowledge and skills to underline all merits. Her name is famous not only in Ukraine but in many countries of the world. Images created by her, were highly estimated by the judges of many international competitions.

In February 2014 Matilda Inozemtseva became the gold medalist of the international festival of beauty " Nevskie_Berega ", also from 2014 Intarnational Ambassador for cosmetic brand " Graftobian ." Since 2015 invited to the panel of judges of the international competition «Atelier Make-up Awards».

Creative activity and love to her profession inspire her for further progress. She’s got lot a of plans and aspirations and she wants to be much more better because there in no limit to perfection in make-up Art.

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