Marzia Bedeschi


Marzia Bedeschi

Marzia Bedeschi was born in Padua (Italy) in 1967.

She received a Master's Degree in Decorative Painting in 1985 and a degree in Fine Arts at the renowned Accademia delle belle Arti in Venice in 1991.
Since then she has always been interested in painting and has deepened her knowledge of various techniques (acrylic, watercolour and oil) using them for paintings on commission in both private and public spaces (murals, trompe l'oeil, pictorial decorations, etc.). At the same time she held several courses in Painting.

Between 2007 and 2008 she created the pictorial cycle "Cosmocromie" where the Cosmos, a subject very dear to her since childhood, was proposed on a series of canvases. From 2009, the World Year of Astronomy, the collection was presented at various exhibition venues (Verona, Treviso, the famous Planetarium in Padua, etc.), accompanied also by live music.
Subsequently, new inspirations gave birth to the pictorial cycle "Cosmic Amazons": etheric spiritual figures living in the skies.
However, the desire to discover new pictorial dimensions brought her closer to BODY PAINTING. In 2012 she began experiencing painting on skin. This discovery, and especially the experimentation of this art which is both ancient and modern, has represented for her a sort of ‘reincarnation’, a state of transition: from the etheric subtle worlds to the concreteness of living matter!

In 2014 she started taking part in various national and international bodypainting competitions (brush and sponge) obtaining brilliant results and very top prizes.
here the most important prizes
2015: Italian Bodypainting Festival – 2nd place
World Bodypainting Festival – 4th place
2016: Italian Bodypainting Festival – 1st place
France Bodypainting Award – 3rd place
World Bodypainting Festival – 4th place
2017: World Bodypainting Festival – 2nd place


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