Gert Leeftink


Gert Leeftink

23 years ago Gert started painting bodies and created more than 600 different artworks since then.

Gert is not one of those, who are gifted with great talent to create beautiful realistic drawings but he specialized in using forms and structures in his designs in an absoulety extraordinary perfection. He commited to life long learning, so he became also a certified makeup artist to get more experience in working with details. His biggest success was to win the 3rd place in the category “Brush and Sponge” at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria.

Besides Bodypainting and Make-up his passion is photography, so he is the photographer of all his artwork himself. During painting he already thinks about the composition and structure in the photo.

The last years he is asked being a judge for Bodypainting contests in the Netherlands. For Gert it is a great joy to share his wonderful passion and experience!

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