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Infos about the WBF Photo Contest with € 2.400 money prizes and products

Photo Award 2019

  • Main
  • Presenting

Themes for the competitions announced

Its almost November and the time to announce the themes for the next years World Bodypainting Festival in 2019. We are still busy with the artist guidelines but you can see the first details under the artist information. Registrations are open!

  • Thursday and Friday: "Galactic Zoo"
  • Saturday, Final day: "Clear Mind - Clean Planet"

Specific for some categories:

  • Installation Art Award  No theme
  • Creative Make-up Award "Fashion Religion”
  • Purple Brush Award "Holly Glam
  • WBF Make-up Battle: Announced on stage

 Artist Page

★★★ Clear Mind - Clean Planet ★★★
Work Vilija Vitkute
This stunning image was created by artist and director Vilija Vitkutė and her team. Photographer Vanessa Fernandes

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