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Photo Award, € 3.300 total cash prizes


Photo ticket holders from the festival 2009 have time till October, 10th to send us their work to enter the World Bodypainting PHOTO Award. There we have 2 categories, "photo classic" & "digital art". The total cash prizes for the photo competition is € 3.300 (US$ 4.700). From the best photos the photo catalogue will be produced and sent out in December to all participants (artists, models, photographers) free of charges.

Rules of the "World Bodypainting Photo Award" contest presented by NIKON

  • Registering as a photographer is essential.
  • Only photos taken over the festival main days (17th - 19th July 2009) will be eligible.
  • It must be recognizable that the photos were taken in this year's festival; digital art should show examples of digitally enhancing and changing the image.
  • You may enter the following works:
    - a maximum of 6 works in the category "Photo Classic" and
    - a maximum of 6 works in the category "Digital Art"
  • Please send the work via CD-Rom to us. (Please don't send print outs).
  • The photo files have to be in the .jpg format, 300 dpi resolution with minimal loss of quality or in the .tif format. Size: 20x30 cm or 2480 x 3508 pixels minimum, RGB colour scheme
  • The works will be developed by us in uniform format. The cost of the development will be covered in the price of the phototicket. Closing date for entries is the 10th October 2009.
  • The photographer has to give each of their works a unique title. This is only to identify your photo in the results.
  • It is not allowed, to send the same photos in both categories. 
  • It is not allowed to put the photographers name on the photo front. The judging has to be anonymous.
  • The works will also be shown as a projection show within the festival week the following year.
  • A photo catalogue will be published in December, and sent free of charge to all participants (photographers, artists and models)

The prizes for the "World Bodypainting Photo Award" presented by NIKON

Category "Photo Classic" will be awarded with *:

1st Place Crystal trophy + € 1.000 in cash
2nd Place € 700 in cash
3rd Place € 300 in cash
Participants till the 10th place receive a participation certificate.

Category "Digital Art" will be awarded with:

1st Place Crystal trophy + € 700 in cash
2nd Place € 400 in cash
3rd Place € 200 in cash
Participants till the 10th place receive a participation certificate.

** The category "Photo Classic" has around 3 times more entries than the "Digital Art" category so we give some extra prize money to that category.

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