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Global Bodypainting Conference & Workshops

Thursday July 2, 2015 sets the date for the new "Global Bodypainting Conference" sponsored by Diamond FX.

The Global Bodypainting Conference will offer a platform for Bodypainters from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to come together and share in their stories, ideas, concepts and skills through speakers, discussions, Q & A's and hands on as well as a talk show setting.
A panel of professional Bodypainters will share their knowledge with guest having the opportunity to ask questions.

Invited will be professional top of the line keynote speakers ranging from bodypainting, makeup, special effects and other fundamentals of the bodypainting industry and trade. Some of the invited keynotes will also be offering hands on demonstrations as well.

The Global Bodypainting Conference 2015

powered by DIAMOND FX

diamond fx


Time Table:

Zeitplan 2015

The full program 2015 to downlad as PDF

deutschland_kl Global Bodypainting Conference 2015 Inhalt und Zeiten pdf_button
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Costs: € 39 or included with the WB Academy Pass

Booking via our Online SHop





2nd of July 2015

wbacademy brushwbacademy creative"Healing with Bodypainting"

with Orly Faya

Level: A2 - B2
Language: grossbritannien kl
Participants: ~ 11
Time: Thursday 02.July 11:00am - 03:00pm;
Costs: € 79 (or with the WB Academy Pass) - Booking via our Online Shop
Orly faya 2015 01  

Having spent the last year in South, Central and North America, my body painting journey has lead me into unimaginable fantasies and indescribable transformational experiences, all of which have contributed new holistic perspective for healing with body painting. Through plant medicines of the Amazon, body painting transformed into ceremonial expeditions, aimed to reconnect humanity with the earth by honouring and healing the sacred feminine through our learning how to appreciate and be grateful to our mother earth. As we are made of energy, there is a distinct overlap between art, science and religion within body painting practices, both historically and today. In my work, I highlight the energy exchange that takes place when life meets life and the many ways we can exchange - body painting is a very intense level of energy exchange for many reasons. Through intention, the creative potential of body painting is much higher than simply the action of painting and the final visual representation may reveal. That is, if we focus on channelling our intentions through the brush whilst the paintee focuses on receiving the intention, healing can take place. Understanding ourselves as energy and the way we impact through intention is the basis for creating healing.

Focus / Activities:
  • Lecture (1 hour):
    • What is energy?
    • Impacting change through paints via intention
    • Some practices of healing through boding painting (aka Intentional painting)
    • bringing new awareness into all areas of face and body painting
  • Practical workshop (~3 hours):
    • Work in pairs (Pairs change during session)
    • Discussion and sharing of stories that impacted your life
    • Heal through brush strokes
    • Visualisation and energy flow
  • Debriefing:
    • Sharing of the experience
To bring:
  • own brushes and colours
  • your own story of your life
  • no modell needed


wbacademy make up"Airbrush HD Make-up"

powered by


with Karen Yiu

Level: B1 - C
Language: grossbritannien kl
Participants: ~ 11
Time: Thursday 02.July 11:00am - 07:00pm;
Costs: € 119 (or with the WB Academy Pass) - Booking via our Online Shop
Karen Yiu 2014 02  Karen Yiu 2014 01

soon available

wbacademy sfx"Special FX Bodypainting"

with Lymari Millot

powered by


Level: A1 - C
Language: grossbritannien kl
Participants: ~ 15
Time: Thursday 02.July: 10:00am - 06:00pm;
Costs: € 129 (or with the WB Academy Pass) - Booking via our Online Shop
Lymari Millot 2015 01  Lymari Millot 2015 02 Lymari Millot 2015 03

Come join World Champion Lyma in this prosthetic and 3D on skin class. We will learn how to create textures, volume, attach prosthetics and camouflage them on skin prior to body painting.

Focus / Activities:
  • 09:00 - 10:00: theoretical introduction
  • 10:00 - 11:30: Demonstration
  • 11:30: Lunch
  • 12:00: Material processing
  • 12:30: Practice begin, hands on for the rest of the day.
To bring:
  • Scissors (if possible)
  • Hair dryer (if possible)
  • Spray bottles (if possible)
  • Small amounts: foamy, paper, cartboard (optional)
  • 1 model per participant (from 12:00 pm) - also possible to have 1 model for two participants


wbacademy photo"Bodypainting photography"

with Bertrand Orsal

Level: A1 - B2
Language: grossbritannien kl
Participants: ~ 15
Time: Thursday 02.July: 11:00am - 03:00pm;
Costs: € 179 - Booking via our Online Shop
Bertrand Orsal 2014 01

The course will begin with a theoretical part of an hour, where will be presented the easy methods of camera setting. Then the students will take pictures with several exercises making them master every parameter. They will learn how to make a fashion picture, how to catch the best from a body paint, adding pictures effects that enhance the painting creation. Last, the best pictures of the students will be picked up and retouched, as an introduction to digital image processing.

This course is aimed at all levels, even at bodypainters and models that want to know the basics of photography required for every day pictures in the festival, especially pictures of their own work.

Focus / Activities:
  • Morning: short theory to understand the different camera settings + practical use of the different settings
  • Afternoon: practicing bodypainting photography, image composing, digital processing
  • We will have our own model bodypainted
To bring:
  • camera and lenses
  • Model is provided

wbacademy creative "Best Modell of WBF - How to?"

with ZapZap

Language: grossbritannien_kl  Optional: russland kl
Participants:  ~ 11
Time: 11.00am - 05.30pm
Costs: € 59 or with the Academy Pass - Booking via our Online Shop

zapzap2013-1 zapzap2013-4


On this workshop we will speak about all sides of this hard work — being a bodypainting model — to make it easy, funny, healthy and profitable to you.

Focus / Activities:
  • Preparation: how to prepare yourself for 12 hours of best performance, make good physical and psychological mind-setup, communication with artist.
  • Being painted: how to stay fresh and happy, in comfort with artist, spectators and photographers, avoid tiredness and dullness. We'll try bodypainting to understand world of artists.
  • Jury: how to present artwork in the best way, secrets and tricks — what jury likes the most?
  • Photo zone: how to make every photographer in love with you, make best photos, atmosphere and good connections.
    Poses and work with photographers — we'll make shooting to get it on practise.
  • Bodypainting show: how to present artwork for the audience in the best way,
    build a bodyart show with catwalk or full performance being in character, get rid of confusion and numbness, work with music and props, get secrets and tips of stage space. 
  • After care: how to take care about yourself, keep connections with artists and photographers.
To bring:
  • High heels (über 10cm Absätze) oder Plateauschuhe
  • Hot-Pants

wbacademy photo Surreale Fotografie in  the Studio (Portrait, Beauty, Nude)

with Anton Klocker

Level: A2 - C1
Language: deutschland_kl 
Participants:  ~ 10
Time: 11:00am - 06.00pm
Costs: € 299 - Booking via our Online Shop

Anton Klocker 2014 01 Anton Klocker 2014 02


As in the last two years there are no "Boring" photos done within this Workshop, an extremely extraordinary photo design awaits you. High professional and motivated models guarantee high class Photo art. It is seen as an individual training in many areas. The photos are not only done in the greenscreen Studio also the natural surrounding is integrated. During the workshops you will also be guided to edit one of your pictures with Photoshop (about 2.5 -3 hours, during the breaks, where the Models get redressed and maked up by the well known Make-up artist Romana Brandstätter).

Focus / Activities:
  • Photoshooting in small groups
  • digital processing of the best works
To bring:
  • Camera and equipment
  • own notebook with photoshop (if possible)

wbacademy photo "Deep into DSLR"

with Christoph Kaltseis  [Austria]

Level: A1 - C
Language: deutschland kl Optional grossbritannien_kl
Participants: ~ 10
Time: Thursday 2 July: 10:00am - 04:30pm;
Costs: free for Photopass owners - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
One day to learn all important settings and functions of your DSLR, the objectives, flashlights and Software. How to get the best out of your camera? What steps are necessary to get the best shot? Does not matter if beginner or professionals, afterwards you should get more out of your camera.
Focus / Activities:
  • What is possible with my camera
  • How can I work with my objectives - evaluate the situation
To bring:
  • digital DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) equipment
  • no model necessary

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