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Global Bodypainting Conference & Workshops

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Thursday July 3, 2014 sets the date for the new "Global Bodypainting Conference" sponsored by Diamond FX and hosted by Bella Volen & Filippo ioco.

The Global Bodypainting Conference will offer a platform for Bodypainters from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to come together and share in their stories, ideas, concepts and skills through speakers, discussions, Q & A's and hands on as well as a talk show setting.
A panel of professional Bodypainters will share their knowledge with guest having the opportunity to ask questions.

Invited will be professional top of the line keynote speakers ranging from bodypainting, makeup, special effects and other fundamentals of the bodypainting industry and trade. Some of the invited keynotes will also be offering hands on demonstrations as well.

 wbf2014 conference-day

Below is a list and brief description of each invited keynote participant. In alphabetical order.

Alex Hansen // SFX Make-up in the Film Industry

Hollywood's movies would not be as spectacular as they are without the magic of SFX Make-up experts. Realistic wounds, injuries or authentic Sci-Fi creatures have to be created in painstakingly detailed work. Alex has been part of many great and successful movies such as 300 and Death Race. He will share his experiences and some of his special tricks and secrets.

Bella Volen // A journey through the History of Bodypainting

Body Art is created on, with, and consisting of the human body. Bella Volen will take you on a visual journey into the ancient practice of rituals, symbols of power, rite of passage and into the modern human transformations.

Birgit Mörtl // Bodypaintings on big stages - The Life Ball Benefit

Birgit will share how to present a Bodypainting on a big stage such as the „Life Ball" in Vienna, Europe's biggest and most glamorous charity event to which she is a major part of. Her topic will also cover bodypainting and charities.

Craig Tracy // Gallery Owner

As owner of the worlds' first Bodypainting gallery and a leading fine art Bodypainter in his own rite, Craig Tracy will discuss his experience and marketing techniques into the art of Bodypainting as a flourishing and profitable business.

Einat Dan // How to become a successful Make-up artist

The makeup industry can be very glamorous at first sight especially working in fashion with models from around the world, but as Einat Dan will explain it is not always what it may seem to be. It is hard and constant work, dealing with many things such as different individuals mentalities, characters and inflated egos. Most importantly nobody will come knocking at your doorstep to ask if you want to work. You really need to fight and prove your self to get clients and build your reputation, but if you dream it and strive for determination, you can make it!!

Elena Tagliapietra // Bodypainting art project „Venice Revealed"

This two-year program consists of thirteen literary and artistic performances, which are included in the program for the major festivities of Venice Revealed. This will take place in many significant places of the city and are linked to an ancient legend or traditional aspect and historical importance. The bodypainting creations will be included or merged within surrounding environments.

Emma Hack // A story of self marketing

Her story is a perfect example of self-marketing and strategies as a Bodypainter in the market. Personal inspiration and making the right choices in the right stages of life is the challenge. Emma's dream came true due to inspiration and self-marketing. A skill that many people can learn from.

Filippo Ioco // The Bodypainting Composer

One of the most important Bodypainters of our time, from print, ad campaigns to television his experience; growth, understanding and path as a Bodypainter have been long. His focus and strive has always been to create powerful eye catching and imaginative images that would touch the viewer, as well as understanding the effects of his art on the greater good for humanity.

Jinny Houle // The Own Make-up

Long-term experiences and the development of her-own Make-up brand equal the means to becoming successful. Jinny tells about her experiences with having a makeup brand and will share some of her tricks and secrets, which have made her art so special through the years.

Johannes Stötter // Media Star Bodypainter

With creations like his famous "Frog" and now his newest piece the "Parrot" Johannes' works have been printed and published many times in different print and online publications. His creations have also been shared on social media in staggering numbers. What is the secret of making such images geared towards social media and how is he dealing with all that attention?

Melanie Hill // Photo rights & Copyrights

As a lawyer and successful Bodypainter she is a perfect candidate to give an overview of Copyright issues in Germany (also similar to EU copyright) and their difference's to America in rights and duties of copyright licenses, problems and how to prevent copyright infringement and bad practice's

Talkshow // Bodypainting in the Sexual Realm

Bodypainting is still being viewed today as nudeness, sexual or pornographic. Within the last year there has been a tug of war with social media and body art. What do the experts think about this connection? Is there a close relationship to sexuality or are they just bodies dressed with color instead of cloth.

...  more topics and keynotes will be published soon... 


Costs: € 99 or included with the WB Academy Pass, € 30 discount for WBA members

Early Bird Ticket NOW € 79

Attention WBA Members!
The Early Bird Ticket for members of the World Bodypainting Association is available for only € 49. Please contact us so we can provide you a discount voucher for your purchase in our Online Store.  




3th of July 2014

wbacademy creative "Best Modell of WBF - How to?"

with ZapZap [Russia]
Language: grossbritannien_kl  Optional: russland kl
Participants:  ~ 11
Time: 11.00am - 05.30pm

Costs: € 59 or with the Academy Pass - Booking via our Online Shop

zapzap2013-1 zapzap2013-4


On this workshop we will speak about all sides of this hard work — being a bodypainting model — to make it easy, funny, healthy and profitable to you.

Focus / Activities:

  • Preparation: how to prepare yourself for 12 hours of best performance, make good physical and psychological mind-setup, communication with artist.
  • Being painted: how to stay fresh and happy, in comfort with artist, spectators and photographers, avoid tiredness and dullness. We'll try bodypainting to understand world of artists.
  • Jury: how to present artwork in the best way, secrets and tricks — what jury likes the most?
  • Photo zone: how to make every photographer in love with you, make best photos, atmosphere and good connections.
    Poses and work with photographers — we'll make shooting to get it on practise.
  • Bodypainting show: how to present artwork for the audience in the best way,
    build a bodyart show with catwalk or full performance being in character, get rid of confusion and numbness, work with music and props, get secrets and tips of stage space. 
  • After care: how to take care about yourself, keep connections with artists and photographers.

To bring:

  • High heels (über 10cm Absätze) oder Plateauschuhe
  • Hot-Pants

wbacademy photo Surreale Fotografie in  the Studio (Portrait, Beauty, Nude)

with Anton Klocker [Austria]
Level: A2 - C1
Language: deutschland_kl 
Participants:  ~ 10
Time: 11:00am - 06.00pm

Costs: € 299 - Booking via our Online Shop

Anton Klocker 2014 01 Anton Klocker 2014 02


As in the last two years there are no "Boring" photos done within this Workshop, an extremely extraordinary photo design awaits you. High professional and motivated models guarantee high class Photo art. It is seen as an individual training in many areas. The photos are not only done in the greenscreen Studio also the natural surrounding is integrated. During the workshops you will also be guided to edit one of your pictures with Photoshop (about 2.5 -3 hours, during the breaks, where the Models get redressed and maked up by the well known Make-up artist Romana Brandstätter).

Focus / Activities:

  • Photoshooting in small groups
  • digital processing of the best works

To bring:

  • Camera and equipment
  • own notebook with photoshop (if possible)

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